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Members of the Selection Committee 16 December 1996 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Dear Members,

Further to my letter of 12 December 1996 declaring my candidacy for a seat in the Provisional Legislature, I would like to supplement my earlier letter, written in Chinese, with this English version.

The 21st century Hong Kong is going to ride through a momentous time. We will face unprecedented challenges while trying to implement the 'one country, two systems' philosophy. As a concerned member of this community in trying times, I wish to continue my efforts in the betterment of Hong Kong. Towards this end, I have, in my discreet sort of way, worked dedicatedly in the community for many years. My attached track record of community services will hopefully bear clear testimony to this effect.

If elected to the Provisional Legislature, it is my intention to continue my work as an elected Legislative Councillor in a consistent manner, which is to: -

* face the future with a positive attitude and always respond to new situations with concrete and constructive plan of actions; * foster trust of the community in our Government through helping the Administration to increase its openness and to stay graft-free; * encourage the community to tolerate different shades of political views and to respect each other's rights to hold independent views; * always express my own ideas sincerely, rationally and with a balanced interests of the whole country at heart.

I hope that you would share and support my modest efforts by voting for 'Eric Li Ka-cheung' to represent the accountants and the Hong Kong people on the 21 December 1996.

With warm Season's Greetings,

Yours sincerely,

Eric Li Ka-cheung Candidate for the Provisional Legislature

Eric Li Ka-cheung Community Track Record

Political Sector:

Legislative Councillor (appointed 1991, elected to represent the Accountancy Functional Constituency in 1995)
Hong Kong Affairs Advisor
Member of HKSAR Preparatory Committee Member of Selection Committee
Hon. Treasurer of the Association for Celebration of Reunification of Hong Kong with China Non-official Justice of the Peace
Member of Eastern District Board (1985-1994)

Business Sector:

Business and Professional Federation of Hong Kong - Executive Committee Member
Pacific Basin Economics Council Hong Kong Group - Member
Hong Kong Foundation Ltd. - Governor
Hong Kong Economics Association - Hon. Patron
Deputy Chairman of Taxation Committee - Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (up to 1993)
Travel Industry Council (TIC) Reserve Fund Board - Vice Chairman (1988-1993)
Global Leaders for Tomorrow (World Economic Forum 1993)

Professional Sector:

Hong Kong Society of Accountants - President (1994), Council Member (from 1989)
First elected Accountant of the Year 1993
Inland Revenue Department User's Committee - Member
Statistics Advisory Board - Member (1986-1992)
Hong Kong Inter-School Statistical Project Competition - Patron
Health Services Research Committee - Member (1993-1996)
Board of Governors of the Prince Philip Dental Hospital - Member (1989-1992)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Steering Committee for Area of Excellence in Accountancy - Chairman
HKUSU - Business Association - Hon. President
The Chinese University of Hong Kong- Advisory Board on Accounting Studies - Chairman
Hong Kong Baptist University - Association of Commercial & Industrial Studies - Advisor
Hong Kong Inter-Tertiary Accountancy Association - Advisor
The Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association - Patron
Hong Kong Medical Association - Hon. Auditor
Hong Kong Dental Association - Hon. Auditor
Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong - Hon. Auditor
Hong Kong Neurological Society - Hon. Auditor
British Medical Association - Hon. Auditor
Hong Kong Institute of Housing - Hon. Auditor

Community Sector:

(1) Youth Affairs

Commission On Youth - Chairman
Central Committee on Youth - Member (1986-1989)
Central Coordinating Committee on Youth Festival - Chairman (1989)
Hong Kong United Youth Association Ltd. - Hon. Advisor
Hong Kong International Council of Young Leaders Ltd. - Promoter and Director
International Bureau for Children's Rights - Hong Kong Director
Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights - Hon. Advisor
Coordinating Committee on Child and Youth Welfare - Member
The H.K. Federation of Youth Groups - Council
Member Working Party on Review of Children & Youth Centre Services - Member (up to 1993) Gifted Education Foundation Ltd. - Director
TVB Children Programming Consultative Committee - Member
Eastern District Junior Police Call Activities Committee - President
Youth In Action - Steering Committee - Member (up to 1994)
We Love Hong Kong Campaign - Consultant
Y.M.C.A. - Camp Management Committee Member
Friends of Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Member

(2) Welfare Affairs

Hong Kong Council of Social Service - Chairperson
Social Welfare Advisory Committee - Chairman (1992-1996)
Hong Kong PHAB Association - Hon. President, Chairman (1987-1993)
Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped - President
Working Party on Social Welfare Policies and Services - Member (1990-1991)
Working Party on Rehabilitation Policies and Services - Member (1991-1992)
Subventions and Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee - Member (1988-1992)
Hospital Governing Committee for Rehabaid Centre - Member (1991-1992)
Rehabilitation Development Co-ordination Committee - Member (1992)
Hong Kong Council on Smoking And Health - Vice-Chairman (1987-1990)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Advisory Committee on Applied Social Studies - Chairman Action on Smoking or Health Ltd. - Hon. Auditor
Hong Kong AIDs Foundation Ltd. - Hon. Advisor
Friends of Country Parks - Hon. Advisor & Hon. Auditor
Suen Mei Speech & Hearing Centre for the Deaf - Hon. Advisor
The Hong Kong Society for the Aged - Life member
Central Coordinating Committee for the International Year of Disabled Person - Hon. Auditor Global Co-operation for a Better World - Hon. Patron
Project Concern (HK) - Founding member & Director

(3) Education Affairs:

Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Council Member
The Board of Education - Member (1987-1993)
Opening Learning Institute of Hong Kong - Council Member & Treasurer (1991-1994)
Hong Kong Outstanding Students' Association - Hon. Advisor
The Union of Hong Kong Joint School Associations - Advisor
Hong Kong Kindergarten Association - Hon.
President Hong Kong Special Schools Council - Hon. Auditor
Ho Tung Technical School For Girls - Advisory Committee Member (up to 1992)
Confucius Hall Primary School - Management Committee Member
Victoria Kindergarten - Director
The English Schools Foundation - Member (up to 1993)
Hong Kong Sino-British Fellowship - Hon. Auditor

(4) Recreation & Sports Affairs:

Coca-Cola Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards - Judging Panel
Eastern District Tennis Association - President
Eastern District Recreation & Sports - Vice-President
Eastern District Arts Council - Hon. Sponsor
Hong Kong Arts Centre - Finance Committee Member (up to 1991)
The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong - Hon. Auditor
Hong Kong Badminton Association - Hon. Auditor
Yam Kim Fai & Pak Suet Sin Charitable Foundation Ltd. - Hon. Auditor

(5) Anti-Corruption Affairs:

The Advisory Committee on Corruption, ICAC - Member (1992-1996)
Operations Review Committee, ICAC - Member (1986-1991)
Corruption Prevention Advisory Committee, ICAC - Member (1983-1985)
Independent Police Complaints Council - Vice-Chairman (1996-1997)
Conference on Work Ethics of Young People - Organising Committee Chairman (1996)

(6) Regional Affairs:

Rotary International (Hong Kong District) - District Treasurer (1987-1989)
Causeway Bay Kaifong Welfare Advancement Association - 1st Vice-Chairman
The Incorporated Owners of Villa Monte Rosa - Executive Committee Member (up to 1993) Causeway Bay South Area Committee - Member (1985-1988)


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