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Election Platform - Highlights

It is easy for 'would-be' politicians to play lip-service with no serious plan to deliver.  Eric means every word he says but it would still take a book to put all his explicit action plans down!

This readable highlight is designed with busy accountants like you in mind.  Eric has placed emphasis only on new, innovative ideas and a broad representation of tangible results.  A comprehensive update and my original 11-page 1998 Election Platform 'Right On Track' are available by request or a visit to my website http://www.ericli.org under 'Campaign Literature'. 

Credit is also due to the Secretariat of HKSA and those of you who had helped me to deliver on my platform.  We have been a good team.  Many thanks.

Advance Technology:

Enhance accountants' role and opportunities in the fast changing age of technological revolution.

Action Plan   行動計劃

  • Liaise closely with IT interest groups of HKSA and other accounting bodies to gauge their aspirations.
  • Actively build on the role that I am already playing as independent director of listed IT companies to keep abreast of innovative technological applications.
  • Closely monitor the implementation and progress of the newly enacted Electronic Transactions Ordinance and join the relevant LegCo panels to advocate the interests of accountants.
  • Promote with vigor the roles that accountants can play in the Government's policy making process.
  • Enhance the public awareness of what accountants have done in leading and supporting the IT industry.
  • Upgrade my own website and hold regular chatroom sessions with fellow accountants.

Bright Minds:

Raise the quality of education, leadership, integrity and global visions of our young people.

Action Plan   行動計劃

  • Advise the Chief Executive of HKSAR as Chairman, Commission of Youth to focus youth services on the above goals.
  • Take a lead in the Non-Government Sector as Chairman, Hong Kong Council of Social Service to deploy resources to offer effective programmes in youth services and to raise community awareness.
  • Build on my extensive experience as former member of the Board of Education, advocate of gifted education and special education, council member and adviser of universities, schools, teachers and students bodies to take an active part in LegCo's Education Panel and in open public debates on educational issues.
  • Encourage and involve interested accountants in the above tasks by nominating them to relevant Boards and Committees.
  • Support accountants in Education in their pursuit of training students with higher ethics, greater leadership skills and broader global visions.

 Clean Environment:

Ensure fresh air, unpolluted water and a green environment for us and our future generations to live in.

Action Plan   行動計劃

  • Actively follow up the progress of the Dongjiang water clean up through LegCo's Public Accounts Committee.
  • Initiate and take part in a cross-party coalition of legislators to press for cleaner environment as a priority society agenda.
  • Support environmental groups in their educational works with youth groups as Chairman, Commission on Youth.
  • Safeguard our beautiful harbour by standing against excessive reclamation by the Government in new land development programme.
  • Support the early conversion to cleaner fuels by public transport operators.

Democratic Rights:

Uphold the principles of the rule of law, free elections, freedom of speech, equality and humanity.

Action Plan   行動計劃

  • Champion the cause of minority groups in community, e.g. disabled persons by sponsoring a motion debate and raising questions in LegCo.
  • Conduct further independent professional survey to gauge accountants' views on the future political structure and functional constituency.
  • Uphold the principles of freedom of speech and the rule of law in LegCo debates and committee works.
  • Continue participation with reputable organizations such as the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in order to play an important role in the wider community on equality and humanity issues.
  • Sit on the LegCo Social Welfare Panel and relevant Bills Committees i.e. Equal Opportunities Bill, to assist those who are unable to defend themselves.

 Economic Prosperity:

Promote gainful employment of accountants in building the New Economy.

Action Plan   行動計劃

  • Enhance accountants image in the New Economy by taking a part myself and to sit on the Board of major investor companies.
  • Prompt and assist the HKSA leadership in identifying opportunities whenever legislation or Government policy is being discussed.
  • Ensure accountants proper roles are clearly defined on statute and public policy papers.
  • Raise public awareness of accountants capabilities by submitting written articles to reputable newspapers.
  • Sit on the LegCo Information Technology Panel, the Financial Affairs Panel and the Economic Services Panel to advocate the interests of accountants.

Personal Message 

Dear friends,

Election campaigns often provide a chance for would-be politicians to make unrealistic promises.  A dedicated professional, however, stands honestly on his record and remains true to his principles.  His positions on controversies are dictated, without fear or favour, by the long term interest of Hong Kong and not by short term personal political gains.  As your LegCo Representative, he must act promptly with the courage of his convictions and the wisdom of experience and will not do such things as trying to hide his own lack of a firm view behind hastily drawn up surveys designed just for election purposes.

Eric firmly believes in the virtue of the above political ethics, and has always relied on tangible plans, political knowledge, systematic feedback and fearless advocacy to do a credible job.  The fair results will speak for themselves.  The next four years term will give Eric more time to broaden the role he wants to play on your behalf.  Eric has the interest, energy and experiences in representing the profession on financial affairs to build on in dealing with other lively issues such as education, the environment and high-tech lifestyles; Eric knows how important these issues are to you and to your family.

On 10 September 2000, give No.2  Eric the chance to once again prove to you that his deeds are as good as his words.



您的代表實應克守本份,憑著對專業人士信念的了解,和代表會計業界的豐富經驗, 能夠既及時又絕不含糊地反映大家的意見,而非祇為選舉,而匆忙製訂浮誇又缺乏代表性的調查報告,來借意攻擊對手,並且隱藏本身空洞的政治立場。


2000年9月10日,請投 2李家祥一票。讓我可以再一次向您證明:「家祥言出必行」。

1998 Election Platform • Action Highlights


Promised Goals

Action Taken

* Guard our independence and autonomy to accredit, license and  self- regulate.



* In the context of Corporate   Governance, to further raise public awareness of the separate responsibilities held by directors and professional accountants.

* Closely monitor Government regulators so that they do not unreasonably extend their territory into our own area of self-regulatory responsibility.

* Sponsored Motion Debate on 'Risk Management and Corporate Governance' on 3. 5. 2000.

* Written articles to HKSA and other media publications to raise public awareness.

* Defended vigorously the role of auditors, the access to our working papers etc. on numerous Bills Committees. (detailed in Reports to HKSA Council & LegCo Representations p. 19-21, The Hong Kong Accountant, July 2000 issue)


* Promote wide recognition of our professional qualification and  raise our social status both locally and overseas.

* Join HKSA Special Team with President and Vice President, to promote local & overseas mutual recognition of HKSA.

*Visit Government and overseas trade offices to monitor their efforts in promoting Hong Kong financial services.

* Took part in HKSA Task Force and now secured mutual recognition with ASCPA and ACCA.

* Visited Melbourne, London, San Francisco & New York trade offices as well as reputable international research centres such as Harvard, Princeton and London Business School to promote Hong Kong and our financial services.  (detailed in Eric's Bits & Bytes, 13th issue, December 2000)


*Monitor standards of Government services, particularly those provided to Accountants as main users.

* Continue to serve PAC.

* Play a leading role in LegCo to follow up on PAC recommendation to enhance disclosure of Government financial reporting to the Legislature.

* Follow up progress of Government‘s pilot project on accrual accounting.


* Served as PAC Chairman all through and took a prominent role in causing the PAC Report No. 33 "Review of the Financial Reporting of the Government" and the Director of Accounting Services to focus on Government's accrual accounting and financial reporting.

* Devoted a major part of Budget Speech 1998 on this topic.

* Maintain a simple and low tax environment and cautiously explore the possibility of double taxation treaties and other financial incentives in order to attract foreign businesses to Hong Kong.




* Continue to prompt Government to negotiate Double Tax Treaty which will generate important mutual benefits.

* Play a leading role at LegCo in scrutinising these treaties.

* Numerous Double Tax Treaties now signed by the HKSAR with Eric having taken part in their scrutiny process.

* Advocated with positive response the forthcoming 4th Comprehensive Tax Review.

* Devoted a major part of my speech in a LegCo Motion Debate on 10. 11. 1999.

* Devoted a series of written articles to Hong Kong Economic Times on 14, 21 & 27. 1. 2000.

* Consult adviser group and survey sample membership if in doubt on any controversial issue.



* Speed and high volume of Bills in last 3 momentous years made wider scale consultation difficult.  But I will look again at new ways, with aid of modern technology.


* Conducted three independent professional surveys on the political structure, civil service reform and non-confidence vote on the Secretary of Justice and a telephone poll on the Housing saga.

* Maintained extensive small group meetings with experts on current topics e.g. IT listings, and also at random for those who had expressed an interest to meet me.

* Frequent use of Website and now offering regular chatroom sessions with members.

Eric's Undaunted Commitment 家祥不斷的承諾
Hong Kong will be a great place only it tolerates different pluralistic views and independent voices


Trust Your Choice  Eric Li Ka-cheung


 Eric is 47 and at the peak of experience, assertiveness and mental strength.  Still the youngest of the 3 candidates but evidently the most experienced, Eric believes in free elections and trusts that your vote will return the best candidate to represent the accountancy profession.


1.   budding third generation accountant

Born in an Accountants family, Eric studied at St. Paul's Co-educational College and the University of Manchester in UK.  Besides studying, Eric was an active volunteer since the age of 15 and was Chairman of the Chinese Students body at University.

2.   Young accountant with ideals to contribute

Eric then joined Coopers and Lybrand London (1975-1978) before returning home full of dreams, ideals and visions for a life as a contributing accountant in HK.

3.   young appointed District Board & LegCo member

As a young partner of Li, Tang, Chen & Co., Eric lost no time in devoting himself to the profession and the community.  At 32, Eric was the youngest appointed District Board member in 1985 and then, an appointed LegCo member in 1991, Eric served a record of over twenty Government Boards and Committees between 1985-1995, including many important positions such as Chairman, Commission on Youth and Chairman, Social Welfare Advisory Committee.

4.   HKSA President, Accountant of the year & LegCo Rep.

Eric was selected the first Accountant of the Year in 1993 and then elected HKSA President in 1994.  Having served numerous HKSA committees since 1983, Eric's vision for the profession is now shared by many.  From 1995, Eric began to represent the accountancy constituents in LegCo.  To broaden his own commercial experience, Eric also joined the Boards of 7 listed companies in different fields.

5.   A Political Force home grown for Accountants

By now, Eric is a well respected independent politician with an unmistakable, fair-minded finance professional image.  In LegCo, Eric is active as the Chairman of its Public Accounts Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Financial Affairs Panel and numerous Bills Committees.  Eric also took an active part in the launch of the HK Tracker Fund as a former director of EFIL and chairs the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

6.   Eric's future path in your hands

Eric is still striving hard to further enhance the public status of Accountants and will trusts in your choice.

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