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Eric Li Ka-cheung
1995 LegCo Election Candidate – Accountancy (FC)

President of HKSA (1994)
Legislative Councillor (10/91 – 7/95)

Dear Friends,

Accountants in Hong Kong can best be served by an independent, experienced and motivated politician in the 1995 Legislative Council. Many of my friends in the profession think so and they have encouraged me to stand.

I believed I have all those qualifications and my track record of public service is the best proof. An appointed Legislative Councillor since 1991 and the President of HKSA in 1994, I was right there at the heart of the action both professionally and politically during those eventful years. When LegCo was dissolved on the last day of July, I could have called it a day. However, at the age of 42, I still feel highly motivated and far too energetic to let all those hard earned experiences left to waste. Therefore, I decided to seize this opportunity and put my thoughts to pen. The summarized Election Platform inside this leaflet will give you a fair idea of what more I can and still want to do for you.

Please vote for me on 17 September, Sunday and let me continue my quest for a better accountancy profession which I am totally committed to serve.

August, 1995







  1. guard our independence and autonomy to accredit, license and self-regulate;
  2. promote wide recognition of our professional qualification and raise our social status both locally and overseas;
  3. follow through submissions made by Accountants to authorities as the primary focus of my LegCo work;
  4. monitor standards of government services, particularly those provided to Accountants as main users;
  5. encourage greater exchange of views amongst Accountants from different occupations on government and politics;
  6. explore opportunities to open up markets for the services of our Accountants in professional practice in China, privatized work of government and international businesses;
  7. urge government to better recognize the full value of our professional qualification and entrust our Accountants in public service with higher job responsibilities;
  8. promote good corporate governance and press the recommendation that only professional Accountants be appointed chief financial officers of listed and other regulated corporations;
  9. support wide involvement in, and high academic autonomy by, our Accountants in education to train the future generations of professionals;
  10. play a full role in the wider community to demonstrate in deeds that Accountants in community service can make a most valuable contribution to the whole society;
  11. stay impartial and independent of party politics, uphold principles of the rule of law, equality, humanity and emphasize common grounds amongst politicians with a views to achieving positive, balanced results; and
  12. diligently attend activities of Accountants to solicit views and regularly initiate and promptly respond to communications.


選舉政綱 (撮要)

  1. 維護會計行業在確認專業資格,發放牌照及執行自律等權利上獨立自主
  2. 推廣會計師的專業資格,使其更廣泛地受到本地及海外人士認可,從而提高同業的社會地位
  3. 跟進同業向有關當局提供的建議,作為立法局議員的工作重點;
  4. 監察政府的服務水平,尤其是以同業為主要服務對象的部門;
  5. 推動不同行業的會計師交流對政府政策及政局發展的意見
  6. 尋求執業會計師在國內市場,政府可供私營化的業務及國際金融貿易等開拓服務的機會
  7. 敦促政府認同持有專業會計師資格的公務員應可擔任比現時更重要的職位
  8. 提倡優良企業管理概念,力主上市公司及其他受監管機構只可委任專業會計師為財務總監;
  9. 支持學術界同業全面參與培訓未來的會計師以及提高其學術自主權
  10. 積極投入社區服務,以實績顯示會計師可以對本港社會作出極有價值的貢獻
  11. 堅守政治獨立身份,在政黨政治間保持中立,維持法治、平等及人道等原則,強調政治派系間的共通點以達至最平衡和正面的結果;
  12. 勤力出席同業的活動以汲取意見,定期主動與同業保持緊密聯絡及對得到的意見作出迅速回應

What Some Accountants Say

“Eric has demonstrated a high degree of professionalismand sound political acumen during his four years of service in the Legislative Council.”

Mr. Marvin Cheung Kin Tung, FHKSA CPA OBE JP
A practicing Accountant and a Legislative Councillor (10/1991 to 7/1995)


“If Accountants in the business and financial sectors wish to have a dependable and attentive friend in LegCo, Eric is a rational choice.”

Dr. David Li Kwok Po, FHKSA OBE Hon.LLD (Cantab) JP
Legislative Councillor (10/1985 to 7/1995)


“During the whole process of the Democratic debate over recent years Eric’s role, contributions and personal bearing were an example for Hong Kong and its community.”

Mr. C. Roger Moss, FHKSA
Finance Director of a major Corporation


“Eric impresses me as a very genuine and sincere person totally committed to make Hong Kong a better place for all.”

Mr. Peter Chan Fok Shing, AHKSA CPA MBE JP
A practicing Accountant and Vice President of rehabilitation International


“Eric is a man of words, and a man of deeds”

Mr. Chan Sai Hoi, FHKSA CPA
A practicing Accountant




執業會計師及立法局議員 (10/1991至7/1995)



李國寶博士 FHKSA OBE Hon.LLD(CanTab) JP
立法局議員 (10/1985至7/1995)






執業會計師及國際復康總會副會長 (亞太區)




Futher Information

The Hong Kong Accountant
Policy statements and a brief resume about myself have already been published on pages 73 & 74 of the May/June 1995 issue. The same information will again appear in the July/August issue.

The LegCo Report
The LegCo Report contains a comprehensive track record of my work in LegCo, the full version of my Election Platform, more supportive comments from friends and a long list of well know Accountants fromdifferent sectors who will be happy to give you their honest opinion about my candidacy. The Report is being mailed to you under separate cover.





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